Entry #1

My Short Film Scores

2007-10-04 18:23:42 by Shadow16nh

Here are links to some short films that I scored as a junior in college during spring of 2006 at Eastern Washington University for both Cody and Kurt Wetherill.

Garden of Weedin'

Directed by Cody Wetherill

Rock Bottom
Directed by Kurt Wetherill

My Short Film Scores


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2007-10-05 12:34:49

Garden of Weedin was hilarious! And your music REALLY helped. Especially when the close up of the weed occured, and you had that "dun, DUN, DUUUN!" thing going on. I laughed pretty hard. This was an incredible short, and you gave it several notches of entertainment to it. Now it's time to go watch Rock Bottom!


2007-10-05 12:42:17

Rock Bottom is pretty funny, in terms of the audio you did well, it was more ambient and less attention grabbing then the other short, but damn t'was entertaining!

Both excellent work Neal, glad you shared em with us!